What to expect from your tour

You will be guided through Dun Laoghaire’s memorials to Kings, Queens, Writers, heroes and villains. We will see Dun Laoghaire’s iconic 19th century buildings and we will stand together at the very point which is forever connected with one of the worlds greatest literary masterpieces. When the sun graces us with it’s presence we will read the time on a mathematically accurate sundial, we will see monuments to tragic heroes and victims of war and we will laugh at the girth of Georgie Pordgie!!

Carlisle Pier

An incalculable number of Irish left home from the this point , having arrived from all over Ireland by train and bus and horse and cart. The mail boat had it’s own train station located right next to the berthed ship. It carried the mail to UK and further afield, the mail was sorted on board as she crossed to Holyhead.

The MV Leinster

600 miles from the trenches in France , one month and one day before the armistice that ended that most awful of wars and yet 16 miles from this anchor over 500 people were killed , victims of war.

King George IV

George IV Monument[/caption]The King George IV monument was erected in 1823 to commemorate both the laying of the first stones for the magnificent piers of Dunlaoghaire harbour (1817) and the Kings visit. The king had an enormous appetite and as a result a 54 inch waist.
Among other things his is immortalised in the children ‘s poem “georgie porgie pudding and pie” . and for breakfast ??? well join us and find out.Safe to say it s not a weight watchers choice

The Victoria Monument

‘The queen she came to call on us ‘ is a line from an irreverant 20th century ballad called The Monto. Well she did and on the occasion of her visit in 1900 the beautiful iron fountain was erected in what was then Kingstown.

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